José Manuel Pérez

Industrial engineer, 38 years old.

José Manuel has 15 years of experience in transforming metals through the technique of deep-drawing. José Manuel has been the CEO of Empronor since 2012, having worked his way up through both the departments of procurement and engineering.


Santos Elorriaga

Head of production
Specialist technician in Machine-Tooling, Die-Cutting and Moulds. 52 years old.

Santos has brought to Empronor a wide experience as Workshop Manager in various Biscay metal manufacturing businesses. Since 2012, he has been production manager and team leader of 15 workers.


José Antonio Galán

Quality manager.
Specialist technician in Audity and IT, 49 years old.

José Antonio has a 25 years of experience in metal sector, the most of them in boiler area as Quality Manager. During his professional career, he has led successfully the implementation of ISO quality certification in various companies as well as various approvals of processes and products.


José Antonio Pérez

Administration Officer
With a diploma in Economic and Bussines studies, 55 years old.

José Antonio has developed his professional career in the finance area, with several position of responsibility. He has a wide experience in the information systems area and in the implementation of enterprise resources planning systems.