We are in the industrial Biscay of the 60s, three companies with different activity, such as Basque Tooling, Ona-Pres and Serja, will be the start of the birth of Empreonor.

Two of the founders of the company, Modesto Pérez and Ignacio Antón, raised a innovative idea of manufacture of washer vasins through a new process, drawing, which consisted in obtaining the component in one punch. This method made a big reducing of cost of the product as weel as, a higher quality regarding the current process of welding different components..

With this idea, both founders got the ball rolling; they designed dies, built presses, they looked for a place to work, staff… and at the beginning of 1965, in a small premises in Botica Vieja from the neighbourhood of Deutos, in Bilbao, and with the initial outlay of 600.000 pesetas, rises Embuticiones Profundas del Norte.

These facilities were small to accommodate the company, and in may 1968, the company moved to its current location, in Portugalete.

During the first decade, Empronor based their business in washer vasins drawing. It is from the 80s when the starts the unstoppable process of diversification of their portafolio product.

It is now more than 50 years since the foundation of Empronor and a new generation is in charge of the company, keeping the same enthusiasm of their ancestors and struggle everyday to maintain Empreonor as referent in the thrilling world of drawing.



Modesto Pérez


Agustín Jauregui


Ignacio Antón


Javier Garamendi